Binotto wary of Ferrari reliability

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Binotto wary of Ferrari reliability

Formula 1

Binotto wary of Ferrari reliability


Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto wants his team to improve the reliability of its 2019 car in case of a close championship battle this season.

A strong start to the 2018 season eventually faded into runners-up spots for both Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel, as Mercedes suffered three fewer retirements than the Scuderia. Pre-season saw reliability issues surface for Ferrari during the second test, and Binotto says he would tell himself in his former role of technical director to not overlook the importance of reliability.

“To beat your competition in every race you always have to be extremely fast — this must be the spirit we go into every race,” Binotto said. “We have to push all the time, never be happy with what we’ve already achieved. It’s not a matter of being at the same level as the others — the goal has to be to be stronger than the others. And for now we’re not yet there, but that remains our goal.

“I also believe reliability is a determinant element in the course of each season and this year should be closely fought, so every single race, every single point could be crucial. So, for now, I’d like our car to be more reliable than what it is.

A wheel rim issue led to Vettel crashing the Ferrari SF90 in Barcelona testing. Image by Piotr Naskrent/LAT.

“Having said that, it’s important to test to identify the issues and solve them quickly. I’m not alarmed, but if I’d have the technical director next to me I’d tell him to be fully focused on all areas.”

Binotto was promoted from technical director to team principal in January, but says in both roles he has had a similar job to do and doesn’t see the move as having a major impact on the way Ferrari operates.

“Things haven’t changed much — there’s continuity. Everyone has kept their previous role, there were no significant changes. I’m not a technical director that designs parts for the cars — my role is to coordinate the group I’m leading.

“I like to compare my role with the one of an orchestra conductor: My responsibility was to lead an orchestra with a lot of people and now the number of music players has increased, but it’s still them that are playing, not me. It’s more complex because there are more musicians but my role remains the same.”

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