Ferrari mechanic breaks leg in pit stop mishap

Ferrari mechanic breaks leg in pit stop mishap

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Ferrari mechanic breaks leg in pit stop mishap


Ferrari has confirmed one of its mechanics has been left with a broken leg after being hit by Kimi Raikkonen during the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Making his second pit stop, Raikkonen’s left rear tire had yet to be removed but the other three tires had all been changed, leading the car to be dropped from the jacks. With the Finn then pulling away from the pit box, a mechanic on the left rear was struck by the wheel and injured, being stretchered out of the pit lane and taken to hospital where Ferrari confirmed he has suffered a broken tibia and fibula. 

Explaining the incident, Raikkonen said he was given the green light to leave the pits and reacted accordingly. 

“My job is to go when the light changes green,” Raikkonen said. “That’s the only thing what we look at. Unfortunately, one of the guys paid a hefty price on whatever the mistake is. So, for sure, not very good.”

Asked if he would visit the mechanic in the medical center, Raikkonen replied: “I’m pretty sure he’s not there, he’s in the hospital, so I understand.

“And then obviously we have our work to finish and I’m sure there is the best possible people to take care of him and hopefully he gets better.”

While Sebastian Vettel went on to win the race for Ferrari, Raikkonen was forced to retire immediately as he had only three supersoft tires on and one soft. But the Finn says the encouraging performance this weekend does not mask his disappointment.

“It doesn’t matter how good unfortunately things are if you don’t finish, you don’t score points, it’s obviously far from what I want. But this is unfortunately what happened. There’s nothing I can change so we’ll try to do better next time.”

After reviewing the incident, the FIA handed Ferrari a €50,000 fine for releasing Raikkonen’s car “in a manner endangering team personnel and causing injury”.