2022 was about ‘breaking down egos’ at Mercedes, Hamilton says

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2022 was about ‘breaking down egos’ at Mercedes, Hamilton says

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2022 was about ‘breaking down egos’ at Mercedes, Hamilton says


Mercedes had to put egos aside and learn how to deal with failure in 2022, according to Lewis Hamilton.

A dominant run that saw Hamilton fight for championships for eight consecutive years — and Mercedes win every constructors’ title from 2014 onwards — came to an end this year as the team struggled with new regulations. Starting the season in the midfield, Mercedes ended it with a one-two in Brazil and Hamilton says the difficulties have had an upside.

“It’s been impressive, for sure,” Hamilton said. “I always knew that we could do it. I never doubted that we would get there in the end, but there was lots of trial and error, and so much failure this year. There were times we brought upgrades and they didn’t work, and times we tried different things and it didn’t work. I tried so many things and failed so many times but through that you learn and grow.

“That’s what it’s been about this year. It’s been about failure, breaking down egos, strengthening our relationships, and strengthening our communications. From that perspective it’s been really empowering.”

Hamilton says it’s often forgotten that the Mercedes operation in Brackley struggled at times under different guises prior to 2010, but he feels the past 12 months will have a positive impact on the team as a whole.

“If you look back at the team’s entire history, it was here a long time before Toto (Wolff, team principal) and I joined and they had some really difficult years (under previous names). Some of the people have been here for over 20 years and really been through the thick of it.

“I would say for our current team, in terms of the last 10 years, this has been the toughest year for everyone along with the most strengthening. There has been so much resistance, so much we have been up against, and I am thankful that we have.

“There are many people working here, along with many new people in the team, and this experience has been good for them too. When we win, there is a different gratitude now because it happened so often before.”

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