NASCAR podcast: BJ McLeod and Matt Tifft

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NASCAR podcast: BJ McLeod and Matt Tifft


NASCAR podcast: BJ McLeod and Matt Tifft


Live Fast Motorsports made it through its first year as a NASCAR Cup Series team and co-owners BJ McLeod and Matt Tifft are calling it a success. Both McLeod and Tifft join The Racing Writer’s Podcast to offer their perspectives.

First up, McLeod dissects the season and how it was different from putting a car on track in 2020; what being an owner was like on the weekend’s he wasn’t driving; the biggest takeaway of fielding a full-time Cup Series car; what the measuring stick of success was and how that sets up for 2022; the high of the season; what it’s like being a Cup Series driver; being in meetings with NASCAR as an owner; having the car fully sponsored and a presence on social media; putting other drivers in the car; working with Tifft.

Tifft reflects on being a team owner in NASCAR; the budget of Live Fast versus other teams; how good it is for him to be involved in racing again; the difference in driver mindset and watching the car; focusing on variables off the racetrack; how Tifft saw success for the team; being in meetings with NASCAR; going from friend to team co-owner with McLeod, and whether he had fun in 2021.