Albuquerque frustrated by IMSA/WEC schedule conflicts

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Albuquerque frustrated by IMSA/WEC schedule conflicts

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Albuquerque frustrated by IMSA/WEC schedule conflicts


Wayne Taylor Racing’s Filipe Albuquerque has expressed frustration at what he sees as a lack of sufficient communication between IMSA and WEC when it comes to coordinating their schedules. The Portuguese world champion LMP2 driver and Le Mans winner said that such a lack of communication could potentially cause problems in the future as the series’ look to share rule sets in the LMDh era.

“I understand that the pandemic caused [it to be] quite tricky for the championships to have the calendars sorted out. I just don’t understand, still, how IMSA and WEC — they don’t keep track of whatever they are doing,” Albuquerque said.

“When WEC changed the Le Mans race because of the pandemic and then eventually changed the Portimao event for that slot because of the TV and (also) because it was Easter in Portugal so everything was locked down, I can understand that. But I just don’t understand how they cannot say to IMSA that they’re going to change when IMSA is (changing to) the same weekend,” Albuquerque added.

As the two series inch closer to the 2023 season — which has been penciled in as the start of the LMDh-era — Albuquerque feels such calendar clashes would be increasingly problematic.

“It’s definitely still [a] lack of communication between them both and when we are going towards a direction where the regulation will be the same — well, not the same, but you will welcome the LMH to Daytona and the LMDh, you will welcome them to come to Le Mans.

“So, if they continue with this slight of lack communication, I don’t see it working the best. Don’t get me wrong — I just want the best for this community and for both championships to co-exist and not to clash,” Albuquerque explained.

While it has not been confirmed that LMH cars will be eligible to race in IMSA, as Albuquerque stated, there is a possibility that LMH cars will be allowed after LMDh is introduced.

“In six [WEC] races, to have two of them clashing with IMSA — sorry, but I just don’t understand how that can happen. So, I’m sad to be honest and I don’t see it getting much better in the future.

“In that weekend [of June 13], it’s going to have Formula 1, IndyCar, IMSA and WEC. And the weekend after, there is nothing happening. And Portimao is free to happen. Obviously, I’m sad, you know — [racing on] my home soil in Portugal would be great!”