Riley Technologies PAPR masks begin testing

Riley Technologies PAPR masks begin testing


Riley Technologies PAPR masks begin testing


Championship-winning race car constructor Riley Technologies has reached a milestone with its Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) mask system designed to aid medical staff during the coronavirus pandemic.

From their base in North Carolina, the father and son duo of Bob and Bill Riley, along with senior designer and project leader Christian Rushforth, lead engineer Tyler Hook, and data engineer Adam Holland took the company’s first foray into medical device manufacturing with the PAPR system, which began testing on Thursday.

“We are honored to have the opportunity and I am proud of the effort turned in by our team here at Riley Technologies the last few weeks,” Bill Riley said. “It’s a new challenge but the basic technology and engineering in the PAPR mask is used in some of the systems we use in motorsports.”

Coming at the request of a local hospital in the Charlotte area, Riley Technologies began the PAPR mask system project four weeks ago and culminated in the model shown which utilizes a rechargeable battery pack that offers 10 hours of purified air to the user.

With their PAPR system delivered for evaluation, Riley Technologies awaits feedback before ramping up production.

“It’s extremely similar to homologating a new car with the FIA,” Riley added. “It uses a HEPA filter to meet guidelines, and will go to meet approval on the federal level after we get the input from the hospital on any final changes to make before it’s submitted.”