Magnussen cites Dallara for Haas' strong start

Magnussen cites Dallara for Haas' strong start

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Magnussen cites Dallara for Haas' strong start


Kevin Magnussen credits the improvements made by Dallara as one of the reasons behind Haas’ quick start to the season.

Haas employs Dallara to produce its chassis and parts in Italy, with development taking place in the Ferrari wind tunnel as well as CFD work at the team’s American base in Kannapolis, North Carolina. After Haas made such a strong start to the season – with both cars running in the top five before retiring in Australia – the partnership it enjoys with Ferrari has ruffled a few feathers in the midfield. But Magnussen says Dallara’s impact should not be overlooked.

“We have obviously got a few more people, people that are joining the team and the number of employees in Haas F1 is just growing,” Magnussen said. “I think we’re not rushing to it. We’re getting good people in the right areas. So we are improving in terms of understanding the tires, and especially improving in terms of [production].

“Our team is not only the guys here, it’s also in Dallara that’s part of our team as well. They are a very crucial part of the team and they’ve stepped up as well this year. When you look at the car, you look at the quality of the parts that they have on the car, they look much better this year and more clean and better quality. That’s very, very important.

“That improvement they’ve made means a lot, because we can design a car in the CFD with a computer and then we hope that’s working in testing and in the wind tunnel. But if we don’t get an actual car that is what we meant it to be then it’s no good. So their role is extremely important and they’ve stepped up this year as well.

“So they’ve done a really good job on their side, hopefully they will continue to grow because they’re growing as well. It’s good for their business as well being involved in this project. I’m sure they’re improving not only our Formula 1 car but on their cars as well.”

While Haas and Dallara are both improving with experience, Magnussen says he is noticing a similar situation himself as he is now into his second year with the same team in F1 for the first time in his career.

“Yeah it’s good being the second year with the same team. Not only same team, but also the same people on my team. Same race engineer, same performance engineer, same data engineer. Everyone is the same so I know everyone, we know each other well.

“It’s nice showing up on the track on Wednesday and seeing analysis from [the same] track last year. I am not used to that, I’ve never had that before. Showing up and having an analysis from the previous race we did is useful.”