"GLORY DAYS" set for Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

"GLORY DAYS" set for Canadian Tire Motorsport Park


"GLORY DAYS" set for Canadian Tire Motorsport Park


Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, the road racing jewel located north of Bowmanville, Ontario formerly known as Mosport Park, has announced an all-new, all-inclusive motorsport and motoring extravaganza set to take place over three days from June 27-29 2014.

The GLORY DAYS Event will be presented in the spirit and style of the phenomenally successful Goodwood Festival of Speed which was first launched in 1995 and has become so popular that it is now the world’s largest automotive show, with more than 180,000 attending in 2013.

Explaining the rationale for GLORY DAYS, event organizer Bob DeShane said: “Back in the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s it was much easier enjoy the full experience of driving and riding. The roads were less crowded and it was easier to take the steps necessary to get involved in clubs and competition, get on track, if you wanted to. But, over the years things have just gotten so expensive, so regulated, so structured that today, many enthusiasts and potential enthusiasts find it terribly difficult to get involved or even stay interested.

“We have designed GLORY DAYS Celebration of Speed to bring back the freedom and the excitement that has been lost. We aim to re-engage people and restore the connection between them and their passion in a fashion and style that could only be possible at one of the world’s truly great racing facilities, Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.”

Aiming to offer unique thrills for motoring, riding and racing enthusiasts in North America, the core purpose driving the event is to create a real-life celebration of speed and beauty, sound and smell that welcomes personal participation and direct involvement for everyone that attends.

A GLORY DAYS Hillclimb will be conducted Goodwood-style on the 1.8-mile portion of the Grand Prix Circuit, starting from the lowest elevation at Corner 5C traveling in a counter-clockwise route back to the Finish Line located in front of the new Event Centre and VIP Reception Area.

The Hillclimb will be open to all eligible cars and motorcycles. It will feature motorsport superstars driving iconic machines from all branches of wheeled motorsport, motorsport enthusiasts “having a go” in their own machines from historic to modern day classics, racecars and motorcycles of all kinds.

There will also be question and answer sessions with famous racing drivers and riders and other celebrities, along with opportunities for autographs, to purchase signed memorabilia, an auction of interesting cars and motorcycles, and more.

For more information, visit glorydayscelebrationofspeed.com.


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