Vettel quizzed Todt over donut rules

Vettel quizzed Todt over donut rules

Formula 1

Vettel quizzed Todt over donut rules


Sebastian Vettel has revealed that he spoke to FIA president Jean Todt to clear up why he was punished for performing donuts after the Indian Grand Prix.

The German was handed a reprimand, and his Red Bull team fined ?25,000, after Vettel thrilled the crowds with a series of donuts on the start-finish straight in India immediately after clinching his fourth Formula 1 title.

Unhappy at the punishment, Vettel decided to take the matter up with Todt – who made it clear that the fine was for not returning to parc ferme rather than performing the donuts.

Todt clarified that as long as Vettel made sure to get his car back to parc ferme in the future he would not be punished for such exuberant displays again.

“Obviously the breach in the rule was not for doing the donuts; it was for not bringing the car back to parc ferme,” said Vettel.

“It is a stupid rule, but the races after we had reason to do more donuts and every time I brought the car back, so no fine.”

Vettel said that his chat with Todt has clarified his understanding of what he is allowed to do, so in future he will have no qualms about more donut celebrations.

“There is a parc ferme rule, we didn’t follow the rule and that is why it is clear,” he said. “For the future, we know how to do it properly.”