Massa lambasts officials over penalty

Massa lambasts officials over penalty

Formula 1

Massa lambasts officials over penalty


Felipe Massa believes he did nothing wrong during the Brazilian Grand Prix, and was strongly critical of the FIA officials for handing him a penalty.

The Ferrari driver, in his final race for the Italian squad before moving to Williams, received a drive-through penalty for crossing over the pit entry line on a flying lap instead of staying on the left, as had been ordered by race director Charlie Whiting ahead of the weekend.

An angry Massa was fighting for fourth place at the time of the incident, and he reckons the penalty was unfair.

“It was really a shame. I was having a great race,” said Massa. “And then, suddenly, I got a drive-through penalty for crossing the line on the main straight.

“I didn’t do anything wrong. I didn’t overtake cars outside the track, I didn’t hold anyone up. It was really a shame.

“These guys they think they have all the power and they can do all they want. It’s a shame more for them, not for me. Everyone saw it. I’m sure I wasn’t the only car to do that.

“I think it was pretty unacceptable, to be honest. I’m sure I was not the only car that crossed that line, but I was the only car that got a drive-through for that.”

Massa went on to finish in seventh place, but reckons a podium place would have been possible, as he revealed teammate Fernando Alonso had agreed to let him through if he was in a position to finish in the top three.

“My race today was going to be fourth place and maybe third, Fernando was maybe going to back off and let me by,” said Massa. “The race could’ve been a much better result than it was, but it was still very emotional.

“For sure I’m happier now than in the race, because it was my last race in a Ferrari car. I’ll have to get used to being in a different color but I also need to say thank you to everybody who I’ve worked with, everybody who gave me the opportunity to race for Ferrari.”