F1 technical updates: 2023 Monaco Grand Prix

F1 technical updates: 2023 Monaco Grand Prix

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F1 technical updates: 2023 Monaco Grand Prix


Mercedes’ new upgrade package headlines a number of significant developments introduced by the entire grid at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Imola’s cancellation delayed the new parts for all teams until this weekend, and Mercedes is finally running its long-awaited package that includes a new front suspension, floor fences, sidepods, engine cover, rear wing and winglets on the rear corner of the car.

The sidepods are the most obvious update as Mercedes opts for a more conventional layout compared to its previous design, saying it is intended to “improve flow to the floor edge, which results in more floor load and also improved flow to the rear corner.” The suspension changes similarly are designed to improve the airflow to the sidepods themselves and rest of the car.

Red Bull has made minor changes, with a circuit-specific rear wing that lets the team run maximum downforce, and a wishbone shroud tweak that allows the required steering lock in Monaco. Ferrari has a similar rear wing update to Red Bull, as well as adaptations to its rear brake ducts, brake cooling inlets and suspension fairings.

Significant upgrades for Fernando Alonso’s Aston Martin AMR23 at Monaco. Andy Hone/Motorsport Images

Aston Martin has a more significant update, with front and rear suspension and front corner changes to improve overall load, while there is a new rear brake duct specific to Monaco and high-downforce rear wing too.

While McLaren has tweaked its floor fences and rear corner for performance — also adding a larger front brake scoop for cooling purposes and a high-downforce rear wing — Alpine has brought further developments including front suspension fairings, a wider sidepod with deeper gulley and an adapted floor edge alongside its rear wing changes.

The biggest number of updates are seen at AlphaTauri with nine areas — including a new floor, diffuser, sidepods, engine cover, front suspension and rear wing – just ahead of the eight new parts introduced by Alfa Romeo. The Sauber-run team has a new floor, engine cover, rear suspension and rear brake ducts for performance, as well as circuit-specific cooling and rear wing changes.

All 10 teams have new parts, with Haas bringing a new front wing and front suspension geometry while Williams is introducing front suspension changes alongside circuit-specific front brake ducts and rear wing.