Drivers "all concerned" by FIA speech clampdown - Albon

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Drivers "all concerned" by FIA speech clampdown - Albon

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Drivers "all concerned" by FIA speech clampdown - Albon


Alex Albon says the drivers are “all concerned” about the FIA’s recent move to change the International Sporting Code (ISC) so that certain statements will require the governing body’s approval.

By writing such a clause into the ISC, the FIA has the ability to issue sporting sanctions against drivers and teams for “the general making and display of political, religious and personal statements or comments” that haven’t been pre-approved. With Formula 1 understood to be in support of the drivers using their platforms as they see fit, Albon says the impression he gets is that the drivers are worried about the move.

“I’ll be honest with you, I haven’t spoken too much to the grid about the situation,” Albon said. “I think we’re all concerned. I know that between Formula 1 and the FIA it’s trying to get everything together within the same form of communication. That at the minute there is a little bit of confusion between (them).”

And Albon wants to see the FIA explain the motivation behind the decision to put the topic in the ISC and what it will mean in reality when it comes to freedom of speech.

“I think that’s actually one of the main things that I took from it was more the clarity of the situation because it seems quite a broad subject. As we know, politics and stances, it seems it’s a very sensitive area. So we need clarity from from the FIA on on what they’re trying to tell us. On a personal side, it is somewhat confusing, actually.

“We were very much for ‘We Race As One’ and all these kinds of situations, and so now it seems like Formula 1 or the FIA are trying to go away from that. So we need to see.

“I think it’s clear that we just need to be open in dialogue about what they’re trying to do. But of course, we need to be able to speak freely to some extent. I’m sure we’re going to get clarity later of what really they’re trying to say by the regulations.

“With who we are and the media and the engagement that we have to our fans, and to people who watch Formula 1, a lot of people come to us and look at us as spokespeople for issues around the world. And I do feel like it is a responsibility for drivers to make people aware of these kind of situations.

“So, it is a beast. And it is hard as drivers to see what they’re trying to say. But let’s see.”