Bisi Ezerioha to be a featured speaker at Race Industry Week

Bisi Ezerioha to be a featured speaker at Race Industry Week


Bisi Ezerioha to be a featured speaker at Race Industry Week


Bisi Ezerioha, CEO and Chief Engineer of Bisimoto Engineering, has joined the impressive, growing list of featured speakers during the 3rd annual Race Industry Week, Monday through Friday, Nov 28 – Dec 2, 2022.

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Bisi Ezerioha is the CEO and chief engineer of his company, Bisimoto Engineering.

A chemical engineer by training, and entering university at the tender age of 15, he was in the pharmaceutical research sector for many years, prior to using his scientific prowess to create, design, modify and improve efficiency in automotive components and vehicles for major OE manufacturers, film, video games, television, privateers, and more.

Bisi’s creations have appeared in BBC’s Top Gear, Fast & Furious, Netflix’s “Fastest Car” and “Hyperdrive”, Jay Leno’s Garage, NBC’s Drive, Esquire Network’s Car Matchmaker, Public broadcasting shows, “Project Car” racing simulators, Motor Trend’s “Seduced by Speed” and EA’s “Need 4 speed” franchise.

His life achievements have been documented in the “secret lives of Scientists and Engineers” on PBS, has over half a dozen Hotwheels cars made in his creative likeness, numerous CNET articles, coverage by USA Today, Yahoo business, Car & Driver, Motor Trend, SuperStreet, Automobile Magazines, best of show vehicles at SEMA, and created vehicles for Harman Kardon at the popular CES event.

His engineering influence, and automotive creations have been a huge technology and sales boost to American Honda, Hyundai Motors America, Ford, and Porsche North America. He streams a weekly global podcast, and technology Instagram show, and is a co-host for the savvy “MotorMythbusters” show.

Without fear of the unknown, Bisi and his team have religiously blazed the pathway for “out of the box” thinking when it comes to exciting, technologically advanced automobiles. From 1000hp Minivans, to fire breathing twin turbo classic Porsches infused with modern tech, he continues to wow the masses. Bisi and his team created the world’s first electric Porsche 935, worked Google’s Waymo division and its CEO on a fully electric Caterham conversion, with Hyundai on the recent Kona EV launch, and built dozens of high performance electric vehicles.

With exposure to the electric vehicle space, coupled with dozens of racing world records under his belt, Bisi is embarking on providing guilt-free, exhilarating mobility solutions for an emerging world.