New look at Lime Rock Park pays dividends

New look at Lime Rock Park pays dividends


New look at Lime Rock Park pays dividends


There was a noticeable change in atmosphere at Lime Rock Park this year, culminating during the recent Labor Day weekend Historic Festival 40. A new dynamic at the venerable western Connecticut road course, with new ownership looking ahead strategically saw an increase in ticket sales for all three of its signature events and a renewed energy overall. A varied array of fans came in droves to this year’s events, many of whom were discovering, or rediscovering, Lime Rock Park for the first time.

The behind-the-scenes story of Lime Rock’s vitality was the new owners engaging RACER Studio in June 2021 as their new agency for brand, creative and strategy. It was a challenging stepping off point for all concerned, with the ’21 season finally up to speed after the long, seemingly interminable, shutdown.

The first four months were full-throttle devoted to short-term creative needs surrounding the end of season events. The summer and fall months, though, laid the foundation for 2022 via what the creative team called a “brand discovery journey”: What’s so unique about Lime Rock Park, what makes it special? How do we share that message to a wider audience?

The efforts resulted in a new brand identity for the 66-year-old venue, “evoking the authentic and contemporary sensibilities the new track owners sought to convey while holding fast to its original purpose.” In other words, they kept a focus on Lime Rock Park as a center for road racing and automotive entertainment, but with the ability to pivot toward new directions in automotive development as well as non-automotive events taking advantage of the park’s expansive and idyllic setting.

An all-new website brought an enhanced look and feel, with a new architecture that helped rather than hindered access.

Coupled with new digital, print and video advertising and daily collaboration with Lime Rock’s media and social agency, Sunday Group Management, preliminary data shows a 15 percent increase in ticket revenue from 2021 to 2022.

“It’s been a really special opportunity to work with the new owners to help refresh and reenergize Lime Rock Park,” says George Tamayo, creative director for RACER Studio. “We’ve been very diligent about trying to position Lime Rock for the future while also trying to extol the things that make it unique and special among racetracks in North America. I think the resulting uptick in ticket sales shows we’re on the right path, and I’m excited to continue developing the brand and creative for the foreseeable future.”

With 2022 heralded as a success, plans are already afoot to build on the momentum for 2023 and beyond. To learn more about RACER Studio’s work for Lime Rock Park, click HERE to see the full case study.