Kellett, Foyt raise over $11,000 for Uvalde victims

Jake Galstad/Motorsport Images

Kellett, Foyt raise over $11,000 for Uvalde victims


Kellett, Foyt raise over $11,000 for Uvalde victims


On May 24, Dalton Kellett and a collection of IndyCar drivers were visiting children in an Indianapolis hospital. The joy and excitement of the children in front of him were contrasted by images and headlines on his phone of a devastating shooting.

Growing up in Canada, Kellett was raised in a family that spent a lot of time outdoors and around firearms.

“It drove me to want to put my perspectives and opinions out there as a Canadian, and specifically a Canadian that grew up in an outdoorsy family, around firearms, and having our perspective on it and the respect for guns,” Kellett said.

While Kellett aired his opinions on social media, he did not want to stop there. Seeking a way to support the families impacted by empowering the IndyCar community, Kellett pledged to donate every dollar spent on his store to a fundraiser for the victim’s families.

As soon as Kellett announced his intentions, the IndyCar community flocked to his store. There were hundreds of new orders, which Kellett described as being “orders of magnitude” more than he usually gets.

There was one problem with the plan: the man who was fulfilling and shipping the orders had a busy weekend. That’s because he was driving the No. 4 AJ Foyt Chevy in the Indianapolis 500. After racing on Sunday, Kellett hunkered down on Monday and Tuesday to pack, label, and ship all of the orders.

His work did not go unnoticed, as K-Line Insulators USA, Kellett’s sponsor, and A.J. Foyt Racing both agreed to match the total amount raised. Their support turned the $3,800 from Kellett’s store into $11,400 for the Uvalde community.

Kellett knows that not everyone will agree with his position on gun control, but said that the support he received was gratifying.

“I think that the thing that hits home for me is that I can guarantee that not everyone that contributed and helped out agrees with my stance as far as gun control and gun laws,” he said.

“But nonetheless, the IndyCar community all came together and helped out the families and were able to work together, and that’s something that we need a little more of nowadays.”