Ferrari protests Red Bull over pit exit violations

Ferrari protests Red Bull over pit exit violations

Ferrari has lodged a protest against the two Red Bulls in the Monaco Grand Prix after they appeared to cross the line at the pit exit after his final pit stop.

Max Verstappen was trying to beat Charles Leclerc out of the pits after making a stop for slick tires but lost the rear and his onboard camera showed his front left tire getting close to the pit lane exit line. While the footage wasn’t totally clear, race control noted the incident but stated it was Sergio Perez at fault, before failing to follow-up on the message.

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto told Sky Sports he was unhappy with the handling of the incident after Perez won from Carlos Sainz and Verstappen finished third ahead of Leclerc, and the Scuderia has now protested both cars.

“As Ferrari we are still disappointed because we believe there was a clear breach of regulations,” Binotto said. “Or at least on the two Red Bulls going across the yellow line exiting the pits. I think it was not close, it was on the line.

“If you look at the International Sporting Code the wording is saying ‘crossing’, but then we had a clarification in Turkey 2020 to avoid any discussions, and if you look at the race director’s notes it’s indicating ‘staying to the right’. So being on the line is breaching the race director’s notes and I think that each single team has the duty and the task to follow the race director’s notes.

“For us that’s something unclear and we are still seeking clarification from the FIA and are happy to have feedback as soon as possible.”

A team representative from Red Bull has already been to the stewards after being summoned by the FIA.

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