F1 targeting smaller, lighter cars to coincide with 2026 engine regs

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F1 targeting smaller, lighter cars to coincide with 2026 engine regs

Formula 1

F1 targeting smaller, lighter cars to coincide with 2026 engine regs


Formula 1’s plans for the 2026 power unit changes will coincide with updates to the aerodynamic regulations that will aim to reduce drag and create smaller and lighter cars.

The current power units will be used until the end of the 2025 season, when a major change in regulations is set to be introduced. Those rules, with increased electrical deployment and a 100% sustainable fuel, are likely to appeal to the Volkswagen Group, which is considering entering F1 through its Porsche and Audi brands.

The FIA presented its targets to the F1 Commission during a meeting in London on Tuesday regarding “performance parameters, sustainability, and financial regulations”, which it says resulted in “positive feedback”.

At the same time as the new power units being introduced, changes to the technical regulations are planned that continue attempts to allow cars to race more closely, with the FIA also outlining its aims for the cars.

The targets, which the FIA says “were well received by the Commission”, are as follows:

  1. Significantly reduced drag to improve sustainability and efficiency and complement the Power Unit characteristics.
  2. Maintain and improve on recent lessons learned about close racing and cars being able to follow each other.
  3. Reduce car dimensions.
  4. Reduce or contain car mass.
  5. Sustainability: Continue path towards the standardization or simplification of strategically-selected components for cost-cutting purposes. Expand the usage of sustainable materials or technologies and focus on recyclability.
  6. Continued innovation in terms of car safety, moving towards active and connected safety systems.

Formula 1 has previously worked with the FIA by assembling a technical team to develop the 2022 regulations and further refine them for the future as racing examples are gathered.