Career-building from an SBRS/SRO pro racing foundation

Career-building from an SBRS/SRO pro racing foundation

Skip Barber Racing School

Career-building from an SBRS/SRO pro racing foundation


No question that natural ability separated teenager Kenton Koch from the kart-racing pack of others gripped by the hope of a professional motorsports career.

But natural ability alone has never been enough.

Koch, now an in-demand GT driver and headliner in the tough SRO GT4 America series, is one of an ever-expanding cast of motor racing characters who sharpened his natural talent on his rapid run down the Skip Barber Racing School/SRO Motorsports Group career path.

“I got my start karting with Skip Barber [in 2010], and certainly wouldn’t be where I am today without the Karting Shootout that provided my first scholarship,” said Koch from his home in Charlotte, N.C. Second in the 2011 SBRS Champions Shootout, he moved up with Skip Barber support through the Mazda ladder system, winning a pair of Mazdaspeed Challenge championships in 2012 and 2013.

“Kenton is one of many who learned racecraft in the Skip Barber Racing School and Series,” said SBRS Chief Marketing Officer Dan DeMonte. “He’s one of a great number of drivers, young and old, whose success is proof of the SBRS and newly embraced SRO series and team concept.”

After serving as a Barber instructor himself for several years, Koch’s pro career took off – a testament to his commitment to the Barber approach. He would score several good rides in IMSA and SRO and collected a class win in the prestigious the Daytona Rolex 24.

In 2019, Koch and wife Dani put together an SRO GT4 America team with one of his coaching students, Bryan Putt (also an SBRS grad). In just its second season, 2021, the pair claimed runner-up finishes in both the Team and Drivers championships.

For Koch and many like him, the first step was the SBRS Karting Scholarship. Today, SBRS provides a full suite of programs that offer many options, from first laps on a skid pad and race track all the way through pro driver licensing.

Depending on your career horizons, either the historic Formula Car Race Series or the rapidly-expanding SBRS “Arrive and Drive” SRO TC HPD Championship Team is where you’ll gain experience in competition on iconic U.S. tracks that host other top-tier pro races. The ongoing coaching and data collection is itself difference making, but there is much more of value here: These series are where you’ll meet people, build your network of motorsport contacts, and receive the vital social media and sponsorship training necessary in today’s racing world.

Koch skillfully leveraged the network he built during his Skip Barber years, for which he is quick to give credit: “I wouldn’t be where I am today without Skip Barber and SRO.”