VIDEO: KurumaNFT interview with RACER artist Paul Laguette

VIDEO: KurumaNFT interview with RACER artist Paul Laguette

Kuruma NFT

VIDEO: KurumaNFT interview with RACER artist Paul Laguette


Actor/director Sung Kang, who plays Han Lue in the “Fast and Furious” franchise, is a L.A. area car scenester, a 240Z aficionado and a KurumaNFT co-founder, interviews artist Paul Laguette who has created the RACER Magazine cover illustration NFT collection.

00:00 KurumaNFT is a next generation car brand that helps artist and brands connect with their audience through NFT cars and utilities both real and virtual.

00:24 RACER Magazine cover illustrator Paul Laguette speaks on the process of designing the artwork for RACER of Scott Dixon’s Indy car at Texas Motor Speedway.

01:59 Sung Kang asks what Paul Laguette’s definition of an artist is.

03:03 Sung Kang asks how to build confidence as an artist.

04:55 Sung Kang asks Paul Laguette on when he started drawing cars.

06:05 Sung Kang on digital art and NFTs. Paul has been creating digital art since the ’90s. He believes it’s the next evolution of media.

09:05 Sung Kang asks the method in which Paul Laguette works with Laurence Foster Editor-in-Chief of RACER Magazine to come up with the illustration. The Le Mans sunset was the inspiration for this cover.

10:42 Sung Kang on collaboration and art. Go to for details on this NFT project.

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About KurumaNFT: Kuruma means “car” in Japanese. NFT stands for “non-fungible token.” Car NFT.KurumaNFT believes in the strength of creativity and the power of community that supports the artist/brand. In phase 1, KurumaNFT will be launching a marketplace where car enthusiasts can buy, sell and trade premium auto NFTs. Learn more about the company in the following video interview with its founders. Watch below or click here.


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