Krack believes Aston progress is central to Vettel’s future

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Krack believes Aston progress is central to Vettel’s future

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Krack believes Aston progress is central to Vettel’s future


Aston Martin team principal Mike Krack believes Sebastian Vettel’s future with the team will hinge on how much progress it can make this season.

Vettel joined Aston Martin at the start of 2021 and enjoyed a solid first season, but was limited by a less competitive car that was only good enough for seventh in the constructors’ championship. The German’s current deal expires at the end of this year, and new team boss Krack says showing that Aston Martin is delivering on its potential will be a key factor in determining whether Vettel stays.

“It’s clear that a guy like Sebastian, a four-time world champion, he doesn’t want to be 15th, 12th or P8,” Krack said. “It is our task to deliver a performing car. If we manage that or have a performing structure… Sebastian is a clever guy, he will not be focusing just on this year’s car or whatever, but focusing more on what is happening and if he sees the potential. If we manage to offer this, I think we have a chance to keep him for longer.

“To be honest with you, I have not spoken with him about it. This is something that will have to come obviously, but all in all, it is our task to deliver the right package, then Sebastian Vettel will stay and other drivers would like to join.”

Krack says his own personal relationship with Vettel could be another positive in Aston Martin’s favor, having been close to the German in the past when the pair were at BMW.

“Sebastian, first of all, is a very nice guy,” he said. “He manages to surround the team around him by, not being nice all the time, but being respectful. This is an ethic that I share largely. So that is one of the reasons why I think we get along very well.

“Compared to when I knew him last, he is now a four-time world champion, he has accrued a huge amount of experience and he’s a very clever guy. That is why he manages to combine this experience, channel it in the right way, and he knows exactly what he needs to go faster. So from that point of view, I think it’s great to have him. Also he can steer us as a team in our development.

“His first time in the car in Turkey (in 2006), I was a race engineer to him. This obviously puts a special link between himself and myself. We have a very good relationship. We have not been in touch so much over the years after I had left F1, but when we met again it was like we had seen each other yesterday.

“It was very good to catch up, and now we have a lot of stories to exchange, not only about racing but also about family and about kids and stuff like that. The discussions I am having with him are always extending on from what we had in the past. We were very close in the past and I have a feeling we will be very close now again.”

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