Binotto would welcome Todt back to Ferrari

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Binotto would welcome Todt back to Ferrari

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Binotto would welcome Todt back to Ferrari


Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto says it would be an honor to have FIA president Jean Todt return to the team in some capacity in future.

Todt’s tenure as FIA president is set to end next week, when either Graham Stoker or Mohammed ben Sulayem will succeed him. At present Todt has not confirmed what he intends to do in 2022, but while Binotto insists there are no concrete plans for the former team principal to return to Maranello, he would be happy to see the 75-year-old involved in some capacity.

“I heard and I read about some speculations in that respect,” Binotto said. “What I can say is that so far they are only speculations. Personally, I worked with Jean Todt, he has been my boss. I think I learned a lot from him.

“It has been an honor to work with him and I would say that, as well, whatever would be the future, it will still be an honor for me to work together with him, because I still believe that, as Mattia and as a team, there’s still much to learn.”

Todt was team principal during Ferrari’s dominant spell with Michael Schumacher in the mid-2000s, but the Scuderia finds itself on the outside of the latest championship battle, one that Binotto admits is frustrating to not be a part of even if it is thrilling to watch.

“The battle is very intense, and very nice I have to say, and even watching from outside it’s something incredible, coming to the last race, equal points, just waiting for the final rush,” he said. “I think it’s something incredible, that’s for the fans, for the entertainment.

“Obviously it’s a shame, or a pity for us not being there. We would like much to be there and fighting as well – but it’s a great championship. F1, generally speaking, is giving a great show. It’s giving a great show as a sport, it’s been the case in this season but it’s always improving. I think in terms of show, broadcasting, communications, the sport itself, a lot is done and everybody simply can only enjoy it.”