GT Celebration partner profile: Ironclad

GT Celebration partner profile: Ironclad

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GT Celebration partner profile: Ironclad


The best teams have the best partners, and GT Celebration is grateful to fall into that category. From leading technical partners to the most advanced safety equipment and everything in between, our partners come together and allow us to execute the best experience for our competitors week in and week out.

We are excited to feature Ironclad – makers of the finest performance gear you can find at the racetrack and beyond. The story of Ironclad has, in many ways, followed our own story. One of passion, countless hours racing and a tireless burn for improved performance.

Motorsports has always been a part of Ironclad’s DNA. Beginning with the Jaeger brothers in Southern California, Ed & Eric, who were always around racing. In Ed’s case, this passion for racing led to participating in race events such as the Baja 1,000. So, when the brothers ventured to design innovative work gloves, motorsport was a big source of inspiration and this allowed them to help support the racing industry.

The SoCal racing scene is one where everyone knows each other, and Ed Jaeger soon became close friends with Tyler Tadevic, team owner of Truspeed AutoSport and regular competitor in GT Celebration. Tyler’s racing technicians faced many hazards in competition and this is where Ironclad stepped in. By this time Eric Jaeger had developed Ironclad’s offering of premium work gloves to encompass features like Kevlar reinforcements, and TPR protection which played an important role in keeping Tyler’s race team safe off and on the track. The friendship between Ironclad and Truspeed has expanded over the years, now leading to sponsor the GT Celebration circuit.

Working with Rob Morgan and Chris Welch at GT Celebration, Ironclad was able to connect with teams and their chiefs most recently for Round 04 of the season at Circuit of the Americas. And though the heat was in the hundreds for the three-day event, the Ironclad team enjoyed every second of being around powerful cars and a wonderful team of promoters and crew members. The popular Octane Series was front and center at the event because as the namesake implies, they are designed specifically for automotive use. Offering optimal dexterity, impact and heat protection, the Octane Series of gloves was a hit with the teams.

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Ironclad was founded on a construction site in 1998 by Ed Jaeger. Ed noticed that while every specialist utilized dedicated, task-specific tools, no one had addressed the special connection between tool and worker. With an extensive background in motorsports, Ed came from a world where glove performance, fit, and comfort were vital. It was at that moment that Ed saw his mission – to create gloves that were both protective and driven by performance, without sacrificing either. A new approach to work glove technology was born which incorporated performance fabrics with unrivaled fit and comfort, that would raise the industry to new standards which continues to this day.

With 27 patents & 95 trademarks worldwide with more pending, Ironclad Performance Wear continues to grow and innovate; bringing new technologies to the everyday heroes, the unheralded men and women whom we depend on every single day.