Horner calls for cost cap rethink after further damage

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Horner calls for cost cap rethink after further damage

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Horner calls for cost cap rethink after further damage


Red Bull team principal Christian Horner wants to talk to the FIA about the cost cap following consecutive races in which his cars have been heavily damaged.

Max Verstappen’s crash at Silverstone essentially destroyed his car, with Horner estimating the cost of the incident as $1.8 million. Then both Red Bull drivers were collected in the first-lap chaos at the Hungaroring on Sunday, and Horner believes Sergio Perez will also have lost a power unit in the collision with Valtteri Bottas.

“It lost all its water immediately, so we’ll have to look into more detail but the initial reports are it will no longer be in service,” Horner said.

“Very little (chance of avoiding penalties) I’m afraid, and that’s hugely frustrating for Honda as it’s not due to reliability, it’s because of accidents that we haven’t caused. So they’re feeling the brunt of this as well as we are, and it’s not to be underestimated on the cost cap side. It’s something that does need to be looked at it because in a cost cap environment, it’s brutal, the incidents we have had during the last couple of weeks.”

Horner believes the list of items that come under the cost cap needs to be looked at again now there is half a season of experience working in such conditions, due to the recent repair bills Red Bull has incurred.

“Obviously you’ve got to look at what’s within the cap. It’s spare parts; the engines as well are particularly concerning. I think we need to revisit this with the FIA as it’s something that can affect all teams, not just Red Bull.”

While Perez could be set for a power unit penalty later in the season, Verstappen is in a similar position: His car used the engine that was in the crash at Silverstone for the first part of the weekend in Budapest, but it was changed on Saturday night due to concerns over its state.