Consultant groups issue report on racetrack sustainability

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Consultant groups issue report on racetrack sustainability


Consultant groups issue report on racetrack sustainability


Consulting groups Enovation Ltd and Right Hub Srl have issued a report reviewing the sustainability performance of global motorsport venues.The report uses a “Sustainable Circuits Index” to rank 96 international motorsport venues by means of 21 sustainability performance criteria in the context of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, the Environmental, Social and Governance framework, industry specific environmental and social targets, awards and accreditations.

In line with other sustainability and ESG indexes the SCI uses exclusively data disclosed by racetracks.The Sustainable Circuits Index used carefully calibrated indicators and third-party validation by industryand academic experts to provide a comprehensive and robust state of play of motorsport venues’ sustainability.

The topic of sustainability is still relatively new in the motorsport industry and the findings show that, when it comes to a commitment to sustainability and data disclosure, global circuits still have a lot of work ahead of them, as, out of 96 analysed circuits, only 31 have demonstrated and disclosed some sustainability credentials. Of these, only three venues are showing a good stage of implementation. Yet, the paper also outlines new metrics for success in the global race towards a more sustainable future and provides circuits with an understanding of wherethey need to take action in order to accelerate changes.

“I have been involved with the safety and sustainability of racetracks for many years now, as a driver, GPDA chairman and a circuit designer. And while I would argue that big improvements have been made in terms of safety, I also know that there is a long way to go in terms of fully embracing sustainability for racing tracks around the globe,” noted Alex Wurz, former Formula 1 racer and current GPDA chairman, and consultant on Road Safety and Circuit Design.

“Though circuits have started to change the way in which they approach sustainability, more guidance on what sustainability means and how a circuit can be sustainable are needed. This is why I welcome this new research and the data-driven proposal of the Sustainable Circuits Index, highlighting indicators from the wider sustainability and sport ecosystem, encouraging best practice and calling attention to the importance of transparent reporting and independent validation.

“Motorsport has historically been defined by its commitment to innovation and excellence through competition. It’s now critically important for our sport to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability through collaboration. This paper highlights the new metrics for success in this global effort and provides circuits with the tools they need to help win the race for our planet, a race which we can only win together.”

The 2021 edition was carried out between August and December 2020. The Sustainable Circuits Index is going to be a yearly assessment and venues will have the opportunity to improve their positioning.

“Too often motorsport has been accused of ‘greenwashing,’ where stakeholders have used nice words and loose promises,” noted Dr. Cristiana Pace, founder and Managing Director of Enovation Consulting Ltd.: The Sustainable Circuits Index proposes a robust assessment of racing tracks’ sustainability performances based on disclosed data and a well-developed framework, aiming to enable motorsport venues to benchmark each other and, ultimately, accelerate actions and changes. Because the time for vagueness has run out.”

Luca Guzzabocca, founder and CEO of Right Hub Srl, said: “We strongly believe that the Sustainable Circuits Index can be an effective tool to inspire all the circuits around the world to think over, plan and execute environmental and social impact initiatives and even evaluate building up a proper sustainable management system, for instance, based on the international standard ISO 20121 — Sustainable Event Management.”

Added Prof Paolo Taticchi, OMRI, UCL School of Management: “Sustainability is one of the key issues of today’s society as confirmed by the increasing attention of governments, media and academics. In the context of Sustainable Development, business that is often referred to as part of the problem can be part of the solution. Eventually the Sustainable Circuits Index has the potential to influence both practice and policy.”

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