Sixth wonder for MacNeil, Coleman returns to victory lane

Sixth wonder for MacNeil, Coleman returns to victory lane

Ferrari Challenge

Sixth wonder for MacNeil, Coleman returns to victory lane


Trofeo Pirelli:  Cooper MacNeil (Ferrari of Westlake) won his sixth victory of the season in the Trofeo Pirelli, once again turning out a commanding performance at the second race on the Watkins Glen track. The American driver, after edging away from rivals in the opening laps, managed the pace and tyres equally well in the latter part of the race.

It was an action-filled thirty minutes on the track, in particular the chase for the top spots in Trofeo Pirelli Am1 and Am2. In the first class, a fierce battle raged between protagonists McCarthy (Wide World Ferrari) and Burrowes (Ferrari of Ft. Lauderdale) who treated the “Glen” to a dog-fight around every corner of the track. With just a minute to go, McCarthy sprang the decisive attack on Burrowes at the Esses, but went off track in the process allowing his rival to open up a safe margin to control the pace in the final stages and defend his second overall position and first in the class. In the general standings, McCarthy leads with 94 points followed by Burrowes on 86 and Musial (Ferrari of Lake Forest) on 52.

In the Trofeo Pirelli Am2, the was a lively battle between Horstmann (Foreign Cars Italia) and Chen (Ferrari of Beverly Hills) with the Chinese driver able to surprise the American just over two minutes from the end, building up to a passing manoeuvre by out-braking his rival at the first turn and overtaking on the next. Muzzo (Ferrari of Ontario) rounded out the podium in third position. In the class rankings, Davis is leader with 60 points, with Chen three points adrift and Horstmann four.

Coppa Shell: There were plenty of twists and turns in an action-packed race, where light rain complicated matters further in spite of the field beginning the race on slicks. After two laps behind the Safety Car, Aitken (Ferrari of Houston) took command of operations in front of Musial Jr. (Ferrari of Lake Forest) and Coleman (Ferrari of Denver), with the latter in a very aggressive mood, immediately going on the attack against Musial Jr. Once he had pulled off the manoeuvre on the first lap, Coleman attempted to chase down Aitken and overtook him a lap later just as rain began to hit the track with greater intensity. The asphalt, now soaked with water, turned into a trap for Choksi (Ferrari of Denver) who lost control of the car, spinning off at the first corner and crashing violently into the barriers. The Full Course Yellow phase was immediately followed by a red flag which hastened the cars back into the pits. Once the track was back in order, the race resumed behind the Safety Car. Despite the slow pace, Carroll (Foreign Cars Italia), second behind Cervini in Am class, spun, dropping numerous positions and giving the green light to Ruimy and Cawley (Ferrari of Atlanta).

The Safety Car left the track with one minute to go, allowing for a vibrant last lap. Coleman edged away as Viskup (Boardwalk Ferrari) used his skill in the wet stretches of the track to pass Musial Jr. and close in on Aitken. With a manoeuvre on the absolute limits, Viskup managed to put the nose of his 488 Challenge Evo in front of Aitken, but the trajectory turned out to be far from ideal, giving the green light to Aitken, Musial Jr. and Bergeron (Ferrari of Quebec) who preceded him at the finish. With the podium, Musial Jr. manages to repel Coleman’s advances who, with 70 points, is just 4 points shy of the leader. Third, with 54 points, is Canadian driver Bergeron.

In the Coppa Shell Am, with an extraordinary final lap, Jacobson managed to take the chequered flag in first position ahead of Cervini and Ruimy, but the result was overturned in post race review due to incident responsibility with Cervini promoted to the top step. Cawley was also promoted to the third and final step on the podium.

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