How to drive a Trick Truck: Part 5

How to drive a Trick Truck: Part 5

Welcome students. The weekly tutorial of our Method Race Wheels “How to Drive a Trick Truck” series is now is session.

This lesson in high-performance off-road driving once again features off-road racing champion Justin Lofton, who just completed the Yokohama NORRA Mexican 1000 behind overall winner Rhys Millen. Held over five days and covering over 1,100 miles of twisty Baja desert, the rally’s route included thousands of corners – none of which are exactly the same.

Thankfully for us, former ARCA champion Lofton is a master of the fine art of cornering on asphalt and dirt. This installment shares the rather unorthodox quest of finding speed via a few different techniques. As you will see, it’s all fun to watch dance of gas pedal, traditional brakes and cutting brake (which locks one rear wheel at a time).

Watch this week’s episode of “How To Drive A Trick Truck” and learn from the best. Like all forms of racing, anyone can stomp on the throttle in a straight line (FYI, next week’s episode gets into the nuances of doing that on rough terrain), but ultimate speed is found at the apex.