Porsche extends eSports SuperCup for third season


Porsche extends eSports SuperCup for third season


Porsche extends eSports SuperCup for third season


Porsche is continuing their investment in sim racing with the manufacture announcing the third season of their Porsche TAG Hauer eSports SuperCup championship and more Porsche content to go with it. It’s another stride by Porsche, who, with BMW, has been amongst the most heavily invested manufactures in sim racing.

Following the season finale of the 2021 SuperCup season, Porsche and iRacing jointly announced that the Porsche 911 GT3 R would be coming to the service. It’s set to join a newly-bolstered GT3 class in iRacing that recently saw the introduction of the Lamborghini Huracan and the BMW M4 GT3.

Marius Golombeck, the Program Manager of eSports Racing at Porsche, also hinted at the likelihood that the next-generation Porsche Cup Car, the 992, would be making its way onto iRacing in 2022.

“Unfortunately, we have to prioritize things,”Golombeck said, while standing between the 911 GT3 R and the new 911 Cup Car. “iRacing is working on a lot of interesting cars and tracks. I’m glad we announced the GT3 R today. We’ll have to see for next year, there’s a reason we have the car here.”

“It’s our brand-new car for Porsche and customer racing, we’ll have to look at 2022, unfortunately. For the qualifying [set to take place later this year] we’ll stick with the old horse, the 991, which has been duly tested for the last few years.”

The championship had been previously clinched by Joshua Rogers at the penultimate round of the season. Thus, the final round at Monza served simply as a coronation for the Australian, who takes home his second PESC title. Porsche and iRacing still left breadcrumbs for viewers to follow, though, as they placed both a Porsche 911 GT3 R and the Porsche 911 Cup Car in plain view of the cameras.

Porsche, along with BMW, has been heavily invested in sim racing in recent years. The two brands have frequently sponsored single-make series’ using their cars on iRacing and BMW even debuted their next-generation GT3, the M4 GT3, on iRacing.

“We see [sim racing] as a part of our motorsports DNA, just as much as the junior program with the Super Cup, just as much as customer racing with the GT3 R,” Golombeck said. “It’s always something we’ve wanted to integrate into our motorsports DNA, and I think we have done that with the SuperCup.”