How to drive a Trick Truck: Part 4

How to drive a Trick Truck: Part 4

If the previous three two episodes of this innovative new film series didn’t offer enough insight into the amazing, wondrous and complex world of modern off-road facing, the fourth installment of “How To Drive A Trick Truck” will not disappoint any true motorsports fan, no matter one’s preference for the sport.

Don’t let the title of “Starting the Truck” fool you. Frankly, Justin Lofton actually starts his 1,100-horsepower monster with the touch of two modern PDM (Power Distribution Module) switches. However, he offers a simple but complete lesson on how important it is to do a complete vehicle walk (think a pilot doing the same with an aircraft). Then he moves into his Jimco-built Trick Truck, showing off all of the data acquisition features, including up-to-date tire pressure monitors and GPS systems. With digital everything, there isn’t an analog AutoMeter in sight.

Watch this week’s episode of “How To Drive A Trick Truck” and see what it’s all about, With Lofton taking a class win and second overall performance at this week’s Yokohama NORRA Mexican 1000 presented by Method Race Wheels it’s pretty obvious all of this technical wizardry is not only fun, but a crucial element to winning.