Omologato becomes official timepiece of SVRA

Omologato becomes official timepiece of SVRA

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Omologato becomes official timepiece of SVRA


Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA) announced today that Omologato is now the official timepiece of America’s premier vintage racing organization. Motorsport culture is the company’s founding design principle. It has affiliations throughout the sport, including partnerships with world-renowned tracks such as Watkins Glen International and Monza.

“Omologato is rooted in motorsports culture worldwide,” said SVRA CEO Tony Parella. “Their slogan, ‘Honoring the past by racing into the future,’ is what SVRA is about.”

The company derives its name from Gran Turismo Omologato (GTO). Omologato is Italian for homologate, a term referencing sports cars certified by a governance body as ready to race.

“I’ve loved motorsport since I can remember, so to combine my love of design, watches, and racing to form my company is a privilege,” said Omologato CEO Shami Kalra. “Everyone at Omologato will feel very much at home with SVRA and the entire SpeedTour format that includes two more of our partners, Formula 4 USA, and Formula Regional Americas that we joined with earlier this year.”

The Omologato product line of dozens of handcrafted watches is affordably priced and designed with various racing themes. To capture the attention of fans and leaders of the sport alike, Kalra relies on a vast reservoir of stories and details to find inspiration. One watch has bricks etched into its back as an homage to the Brickyard. Another boasts the red numbers 7:22, which was the time of day that Stirling Moss launched off the starting ramp for the 1955 Mille Miglia. Such detail captures the imagination of racers and triggers delightful tales of racing lore. All watches offer subtle design elements that reference the great race cars, legendary drivers, and world-class race venues.

Omologato will extend those design cues to SVRA with a special run of 250 special edition timepieces. Available on a first-come, first-serve basis, SVRA racers can request the number of the run that they also use on their car.