The Week In IndyCar, Oct 6, Listener Q&A

Michael Levitt / Motorsport Images

The Week In IndyCar, Oct 6, Listener Q&A


The Week In IndyCar, Oct 6, Listener Q&A


It’s Part 1 of the Week In IndyCar Listener Q&A show as we dive into a bunch of questions submitted via social media.

A sampling of the items posed this week:

  • “The new schedule to me is very lackluster. I feel like IndyCar should be expanding into new markets, similar to what the new NASCAR schedule is doing; instead they have a shrinking amount of ovals. Could IndyCar maybe purchase an Iowa or a Kentucky or a Chicagoland and invest in those tracks’ future? Or is this an ignorant thought?”
  • “What would you grade the replacement’s (Bourdais, Castroneves, and Hinch) performance this weekend? Do you think Helio and Hinch did well enough to earn a job next year?”
  • “It is not my place to tell teams what they should spend money on, but with the hard date for new engines + KERS in 2023, wouldn’t that be the lowest-cost time to switch to a new chassis instead of reworking the stock of existing chassis to fit the new engine package only to scrap them a few years later anyway?”
  • “Do long, smoky NHRA-style burnouts leaving the pits hurt tire life through the stint? When the the driver complains about the rears losing grip I think, ‘Should have taken better care the first 3 seconds you had ‘em!'”