RACER.com's August 2020 traffic breaks all-time record

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RACER.com's August 2020 traffic breaks all-time record


RACER.com's August 2020 traffic breaks all-time record


The remarkable 2020 audience growth continued for RACER.‌com in August, with all-time highs in every important metric according to Google Analytics and Alexa Certified Metrics.

Driven by fan interest in the postponed and spectator-less 104th Running of the Indianapolis 500 as well as the delayed and compacted NASCAR, IMSA, Formula 1, FIA WEC, SRO America, Trans Am and FIA Formula E seasons, RACER.‌com attracted 802,586 users, beating the previous all-time record high month of February 2020 by 11.43%. RACER.‌com’s August 2020 user total also eclipsed August 2019 by 36.73%, attracting 215,581 additional users.

RACER.‌com August 2020 Snapshot

  • RACER.‌com users: 802,586 (Google Analytics)
  • Apple News viewers: 152,315
  • Facebook engaged users: 602,446 (Reach: 8,318,275)
  • Twitter engagements: 64,935 (Impressions: 2,299,373)
  • YouTube viewers: 65,500 (Views: 123,900; Watch time: 510,000 mins)

Despite the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, RACER.‌com’s August 2020 Alexa Certified Metrics showed a 20.86% increase in unique users compared to the month of May 2019 that included a full slate of the sport’s premier events in IndyCar, NASCAR, Formula 1 and IMSA. Google Analytics also shows that RACER.‌com users were up 15.46% (222,323 in 2020 vs 192,546 in 2019) for the five-day coverage window for the Indy 500.

Massive Year-to-Date Audience Growth

RACER.‌com’s January through August 2020 growth metrics are even more impressive:

  • YTD users are up 43.56% (4,394,219 vs 3,060,886) +1,333,333
  • Sessions rose 20.84% (12,805,282 vs 10,597,285) +2,207,997
  • Page views increased 17.64% (23,875,796 vs 20,294,841) +3,580,955

Also noteworthy was the continued strong growth of RACER.‌com audience under the age of 35. The 18-24 segment outpaced all other age groups with 173.36% growth and the 25-34 age group showed a stout 68.95% improvement over the first eight months of 2019. RACER.‌com’s female audience grew by 152.52% and now represents 20.41% of the audience compared to 12.18% in 2019.

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What makes you a fan? RACER audience insights now available

Being a fan of motorsports is one of the most nuanced and complex pursuits in all of sports. After all, most major professional sports are significantly less varied. Baseball, basketball, football and ice hockey are each made up of one professional league in the U.S. whereas motorsports finds itself with at least seven distinct professional sanctioning bodies that have their own set of car classifications and race formats.

Between August 4 and 7, 2020, we conducted a survey of 2,586 respondents from a RACER database of 31,585 email addresses (8.2% participation rate) to discover what makes our audience fans of motorsports.

What makes a motorsports fan appears to principally be an attraction to a race car, a driver and venue in that order, all the more so when the competition is close and the drivers exhibit a high degree of skill. But to reduce it simply to those factors is to miss out on the many complex nuances that create motorsports’ gravity. And while we know that the younger segment of fans is on balance not much different from the fan base as a whole, there are key clues in how their responses deviated, albeit by the finest of margins in some cases.

If you are interested in learning more and to get the full survey report, please email research@racer.com