Foley/Dinan claim GT4 SprintX triumph in Road America Race 2

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Foley/Dinan claim GT4 SprintX triumph in Road America Race 2

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Foley/Dinan claim GT4 SprintX triumph in Road America Race 2


Due to poor weather conditions during qualifying, the Race 2 grid was set by the fastest Practice Session 2 times, rewarding Andrew Davis and the No. 2 GMG Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 with pole for the Saturday afternoon race.

Davis brought the field to the green flag, with Bill Auberlen, the Race 1 winner, starting second in the No. 82 BimmerWorld BMW M4 GT4 and Jan Heylen (No. 37 RS1 Porsche Cayman CS MR) third.

At the start, Auberlen immediately powered past Davis for the overall and Pro/Am class lead as Kenton Koch in the No. 15 Bsport Racing Aston Martin Vantage GT4 got past Heylen for third overall and third in Pro/Am.

Nick Wittmer in the No. 28 ST Racing BMW M4 GT4 also passed Heylen for fourth overall, first in the Silver class, Heylen losing another spot to Samantha Tan’s No 38 ST Racing BMW M4 GT4 as Tan moved into fifth overall, second in the Silver division.

The Am leader, Kris Wilson (No. 16 Rearden Racing Mercedes AMG GT4), slotted into sixth overall.

Tan, though, drifted wide in Turn 12, dropping to ninth overall as Wilson, Heylen, Patrick Gallagher (No. 33 RS1 Aston Martin Vantage GT4) and Ian James (No. 50 Panoz Avezzano) all slipped through.

Michael Cooper’s No. 30 Flying Lizard Motorsports McLaren 570S GT4 soon added more salt to Tan’s wounds, passing the BMW driver for ninth overall going into Turn 7. Silver competitor Jarrett Andretti (No. 36 Andretti Autosport Window World of Michigan McLaren 570S GT4) got past Tan on the next lap for 10th overall, second in the Silver class.

Fifteen minutes into the 60m race, Auberlen had stretched the overall and Pro/Am lead to over 3s, with Wittmer controlling the Silver lead from fourth overall, and Wilson, in seventh, leading Am.

Two minutes later, however, the hood of Wittmer’s BMW flipped up into the windshield, forcing the driver to pull over, fix the hood, then limp around to the pits. Andretti inherited the Silver division lead, with Nicolai Elghanayan in the No. 71 Marco Polo Motorsports KTM X-Bow GT4 now second in class.

As the pit window opened for the required driver changes, Auberlen had stretched the overall and Pro/Am lead to over 8s with Davis, Koch, Heylen, and Gallagher rounding out the top five.

When the pit window closed, James Walker Jr, now driving the No. 82 BimmerWorld BMW, ed overall and in Pro/Am; Colin Mullan, now in the No. 36 Andretti Autosport McLaren led Silver; and John Allen, now in the No. 16 Rearden Racing Mercedes, was on top in Am.

With 22 minutes left on the clock, Jason Bell, now driving the No. 2 GMG Racing Porsche, dropped to fifth overall and in class, moving Bryan Putt (No. 15 Bsport Racing Aston Martin) into second position overall, Charlie Belluardo (No. 37 RS1 Porsche) into third, and Michael Dinan (No. 21 Flying Lizard Motorsports Aston Martin) to fourth.

At the same time, Mads Siljehaug, now behind the wheel of the No. 71 Marco Polo KTM, caught the Silver-class leading Mullan, the two battling for seventh overall and the class win.

With 15m remaining, Dinan passed Belluardo down the inside of Turn 3, moving up to third overall.

Two laps later, Dinan slipped past Putt in the Carousel for second overall and took off after the leading Walker Jr. who was 9.1s ahead with 10 minutes remaining.

Third place overall, the Marco Polo Motorsports KTM X-Bow took the Silver division win.

With under 3m to go, the battle for the Silver lead remained hot as Siljehaug moved inside of Mullan coming out of the left-hand Turn 6, holding the outside line through the right-hand Turn 7 and overtaking the McLaren. He would hold on for the win in Silver, finishing third overall.

Jon Miller’s No. 38 ST Racing BMW M4 GT4 finished third in Silver category, seventh overall.

“I had to take advantage where the McLaren was weaker since it was so strong in a straight line. Happy for the win today!” said Siljehaug.

“It was really great. For a track like this and to get P1 in class, it really is amazing, a very exciting race!” said teammate Elghanayan.

At the same time, Dinan caught the overall and Pro/Am leading Walker Jr., swing around the outside of the BMW in Turn 1 and grabbing the lead with only one lap to go. He would pull away and go on to take the win with Walker Jr. second and Putt third in class, fifth overall.

“Obviously, you always want to get the win, like we did at Sonoma; so we did not want to turn down the opportunity to grab another!” exclaimed Dinan. “Robby [Foley] had a great stint and gave me a great car.”

“This is a great win,” added Foley. “Michael [Dinan] did all the work though, I just wanted to give him a clean car and let his pace do the talking.”

Allen took the Am class win in the No. 16 Mercedes, with Race 1 winner Sean Gibbons (No. 7 NOLASPORT Porsche 718 Cayman GT4) finishing second and Tom Collingwood (No. 69 BGB Motorsports Porsche 718 Cayman GT4) third.

The Am-winning Rearden Racing Mercedes-AMG.

“I was holding on,” said Allen. “My tires were going away, but I have to say that Kris Wilson did a great job today running up front. And the Rearden crew gave us a great car today.”

“John [Allen] did a great job holding off the NOLASPORT car. He had a great stint and I have to second what he said about the NOLASPORT crew. Everyone has done an amazing job this weekend,” said teammate Wilson.


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