McLaren withdraws Racing Point appeal

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McLaren withdraws Racing Point appeal

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McLaren withdraws Racing Point appeal


McLaren will not pursue its appeal against the decision regarding Racing Point’s brake ducts.

After Ferrari confirmed it will push ahead with its appeal, and Williams stated it has yet to formally push ahead or withdraw ahead of a Wednesday morning deadline, McLaren announced it has removed its notice to appeal the 15-point deduction and significant fine handed out to Racing Point.

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“McLaren Racing has decided not to appeal the decisions of the FIA Stewards in relation to Renault’s protests of Racing Point,” a McLaren statement read.

“The team welcomes the Stewards’ decisions and findings in this case and importantly that the FIA has demonstrated that transgressions of the rules will be investigated and punished.

“Moreover, McLaren Racing is pleased that the FIA will further clarify the sporting and technical regulations to protect Formula 1 as a sport where teams are clearly defined as Constructors, and removes the potential that the Formula 1 World Championship includes cars that are, in effect, copies of other competitors’.

“Taking the above and a broad view of all factors into account, McLaren Racing will not continue with an appeal in this case.

“Additionally, McLaren Racing respects the decisions of Ferrari and Renault to pursue their appeals and will follow proceedings with interest.

“There will no further comment at this time.”