SURVEY RESULTS: Somewhere in between

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SURVEY RESULTS: Somewhere in between


SURVEY RESULTS: Somewhere in between


For the fourth pandemic survey of motorsports participants, we asked the somewhat provocative question, “Are you satisfied with the way sanctioning bodies have handled the pandemic?” Since NASCAR, IndyCar, AMA Supercross and the SCCA have all staged events over the past two weeks, we thought it pertinent. The leading answer at 35.8% was somewhere in between, edging out yes with 35%, while 27% responded no.

‘Somewhere in between’ is indeed how the rest of the survey questions fared, mirroring the state of where we find ourselves as a whole. Parts of the country are working to regain some sense of normal while the number of COVID-19 cases falls in some states and rises in others. Likewise, in the survey responses, answers may be reflecting more of the respondents’ immediate realities depending on where they live and how the pandemic has generally affected their outlook. For example, when asked as to whether races should take place with limited spectators, the response was virtually unchanged from the prior survey at 47%; however, those who responded that races should take place with spectators saw an 11 point jump to 38% along with the corresponding decline in those who answered without spectators, which fell by nine points to 15%.

The current level of employment held mostly steady, with the small exception of those saying they are working full time on a reduced wage climbing by five points along with a corresponding decline of seven points in the category of laid off or furloughed. The contrast lies in the dramatic decline of those saying their work or place of business has been negatively affected by the pandemic. From a high of over 80% on May 17, the number has fallen to just 39% currently.

The effect has been moderated somewhat by the addition in the previous survey of a new answer option that allows for respondents to clarify that their business or place of employment has been negatively affected but showing signs of improvement. That selection was opted for by 37% of respondents, an increase of some 25 points.

In general, over half of those surveyed still believe that motorsports is unlikely to return to pre-pandemic normal this season. When asked of their confidence in motorsports recovering from the pandemic on scale of 0 to 100, the response remains at 69. Both of these criteria have remained virtually unchanged since the first survey on May 1.

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