Multimatic forms new Special Vehicle and racing division

Image courtesy of Multimatic

Multimatic forms new Special Vehicle and racing division


Multimatic forms new Special Vehicle and racing division


Multimatic has spun its motorsports and special vehicle operations groups into an organization of its own. The Canadian automotive and motor racing specialists responsible for Ford’s latest GT (pictured above) and Mazda’s RT24-P IMSA DPi will operate under the new Multimatic Special Vehicle Operations group (MSVO) led by Larry Holt, the person most heavily associated with that side of the company’s vast footprint in the OEM industry.

“Multimatic’s model has always been to break the growing businesses down into smaller, more agile operations, and so it has become time for [MSVO],” Holt said. “After 32 years of continued growth, the size and diversity was becoming limiting. High-volume component and systems engineering ultimately requires a different approach to the development of an entire low-volume vehicle and so the management of those types of projects has now been split. However, as in the past, engineering resource will be shared as it makes no sense to try and duplicate functions like the best predictive methods organization in the industry; simulation will stay with the engineering group and continue to grow in size and capability.

“I will now focus on what has become a personal passion and so our motorsports and performance vehicle customers will continue to receive my full commitment. Although the engineering business continues to work flat-out through the present global crisis, we now need to focus on how to emerge safely into a more interactive world than what we have recently been experiencing, as well as figuring out what it will take to test development vehicles and go racing.”

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