RACER’s new services help clients amplify their message

RACER’s new services help clients amplify their message


RACER’s new services help clients amplify their message


Racer Media & Marketing, Inc. is launching two new RACER Studio client service offerings in May 2020. Both leverage RACER’s proven content-creation capabilities as well as our fast-growing audience and social media reach.

The decision to move ahead with these new services – despite the unprecedented disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic – is due to our belief that the need for content marketing and social media amplification is more valuable than ever. As businesses focus toward recovery, it is essential to drive interest and demand for their products, services and events.

R content: compelling quality with consistency  

The first new offering called “R content” encompasses RACER’s market-leading, white-label content development resources. RACER Studio will offer high-value content supply options for sanctioning bodies, race series, manufacturers, suppliers and sponsors in seasonal and annual packages.

In announcing the new R content service, RACER Studio founder Paul Pfanner said, “From our earliest days, we have produced custom content for racing series, manufacturers, sponsors, event promoters and racing teams upon request. Recently, this has become more frequent, so we will now offer this as a primary service of RACER Studio.

George Tamayo, creative director for RACER Studio added, “The quality and authority of RACER-generated content has attracted numerous opportunities to collaborate with leading series, brands and teams over the years. As marketing objectives have evolved, so too have the needs of our clients who maybe looking for content in their unique brand voice and tone. Building loyalty through sustained engagement via compelling content is one of our strengths.”

R content offerings will span the full spectrum of creative assets from text and images to video and live stream content.

Tangent R: align, collaborate, accelerate and engage 

Tangent R is an accelerator and creator of unique social media initiatives that elicit powerful and emotional engagements across motorsports to expand the reach, presence and influence of the sport. From existing social media initiatives to bespoke social narratives, Tangent R will collaborate with clients on strategies that range from boosting audience reach via our unrivaled motorsports following to targeting precise audience segments where the message will resonate most.

Content driven and lifestyle oriented, Tangent R can support year-around initiatives both on and off the track, elevating a brand’s story-telling capability to a hungry audience that tunes in daily, not just on Sundays.

RACER founder Paul Pfanner said: “Our new Tangent R initiative will leverage RACER’s robust and fast-growing web traffic along with our social media reach and engagement to the benefit of our partners.”

RACER com’s average monthly unique visitor traffic grew by more than 67.36% in the first quarter of 2020 and is now regularly attracting more than 650,000 average monthly unique visitors. They generate between 250,000 and 320,000 social media shares directly from the site each month. Partners will have the opportunity to build a channel on RACER.com with direct distribution of content to all of RACER’s relevant outlets including Apple News, Google News and with additional budget, USA Today Sports Media Group.

In addition RACER has more than 500,000 highly engaged social media followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. They now deliver an average reach of more than 8 million each month. This will be leveraged by Tangent R for distribution of content created for clients and in some cases, amplification of content supplied by clients. All relevant metrics for specific content created and/or distributed via the Tangent R initiative will be shared with client partners from RACER’s Google Analytics, Alexa Certified Metrics, Apple News, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube channels. Overall metrics for RACER’s media and social media channels will also be provided to Tangent R clients on a monthly basis.

RACER Studio’s new Tangent R offering will provide an opportunity for collaboration between race series, teams, manufacturers, sponsors event promoters and drivers to create fun and emotionally engaging content intended to attract new fans to the sport while energizing current fans. The RACER Studio team also stands ready to collaborate in ideation, production and distribution of live stream and Esports events.