2019 SCCA Solo Triad award winners

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2019 SCCA Solo Triad award winners

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2019 SCCA Solo Triad award winners


The cones have all been picked up and packed away for the 2019 Tire Rack SCCA Solo season, which means it’s time to name this year’s Solo Triad winners.

There are two ways to claim a Solo Triad award. The first is for competitors to win one Tire Rack Championship Tour event, one Tire Rack Match Tour date and a Tire Rack Solo National Championship all in the same class. The other option is for drivers to claim two Tire Rack Championship Tour wins and a Tire Rack Solo National Championship, also all in the same class. Although events with fewer than three competitors within a class were not counted, ladies were given the opportunity for a qualifying win through the Ladies Index.

David Marcus – B Street

Solo Triad winners receive a special trophy and their names are entered into a drawing, conducted at the following year’s Tire Rack Solo Nationals, for one free SCCA Lifetime Membership. The name selected this year from 2018 Solo Triad winners was that of Tara Johns.

The 2019 Solo Triad winners are as follows:

– Josh Luster; A Street

– David Marcus; B Street

– Mike Leeder; D Street

– Philip Mitchell; H Street

– Jennifer Bedell; Solo Spec Coupe Ladies

– Grant Reeve; Super Street R

– Alex Piehl; Street Touring Hatch

– Brian Karwan; Street Touring Roadster

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