Saturday SCCA Runoffs Pit Notes

Images by Jeff Zurschmeide

Saturday SCCA Runoffs Pit Notes

Sportsmanship leads to a podium for Jost

One thing that distinguishes amateur racing is the level of sportsmanship in the paddock and on the track. American Sedan driver James Jost experienced that sportsmanship, and it took him all the way to a Runoffs podium in American Sedan.

James Jost

“We broke a drive flange on an axle this morning, so there was no way I was going out,” Jost said. “We went around the whole paddock and Greg (Eaton) had a part for me, and gave it to me.”

Jost installed the part and made the AS race on Friday afternoon. Eaton had qualified on the pole and Jost started in fourth position. But after a thrilling and challenging race, Jost finished second to Eaton’s win, placing both drivers on the top steps of the podium.

“I’m still dumbfounded,” Jost said. “I can’t thank him enough.”

Taking the Runoffs by storms

The team that traveled the farthest to be at this year’s SCCA National Championship Runoffs is the father/daughter duo of William “W.C.” Storms and his daughter, Cherie Storms. The pair traveled all the way from their homes in British Columbia to compete in B-Spec at VIR this week.

“Dad’s raced since 1979, and I started racing six years ago,” Cherie says. “For the first four years it was just me in B-Spec, but last year Dad came down and raced in Super Touring Lite. It was nice to just have us both at the track. This year I thought it would be more fun if we raced together, so we built another B-Spec car.”

“She legitimately beat me four times this year at the Majors races,” W.C. admits. “I can’t explain how fun it is to do this together.”

Cherie and W.C. Storms

Cherie and W.C. Storms will compete in the B-Spec Race at 8:15 ET on Sunday morning. Follow the race live at

Hagerty will insure your Runoffs race car – just not on-track

Most racers don’t know that you can buy guaranteed replacement value insurance for your race car and your trailer. Since some trailers cost substantially more than the race cars they carry, this service can be extremely important.

“We can insure the race cars and the trailers,” says Hagerty sales associate Zach Smiley. “We can’t insure the tow rigs yet. It’s guaranteed value coverage for anything that happens off-track, such as fire, theft, vandalism. The trailer is also covered for collision on the road, and we give you limited trailer and paddock coverage for the race car in case there’s a collision on the way to grid.”

Smiley explained that Hagerty cannot cover Road Racing cars when they’re racing, but they can cover cars on track for Time Trials or Track Night in America events, since those are not direct wheel-to-wheel competition situations.

One of the best things about this coverage is that you can buy it on-site at the Runoffs or online in advance of the event.

“It takes about 10 minutes to do it start-to-finish,” Smiley says.

Worker of the Year Awards

One of the many recognitions of excellence that happen at the Runoffs each year is SCCA’s Worker of the Year awards. These prizes recognize the individuals who volunteer their time and talents to keep SCCA events running nationwide. Each winner receives a commemorative jacket and other awards. The ceremony is sponsored by Mazda.

Individuals are nominated in their particular race specialty, such as flagging & communication, tech inspection, pit & paddock marshals, timing & scoring, and other functions. A winner typically has been active in his or her region for many years as well as working the Runoffs and other national-level or pro racing events.

This year’s winners included:

  • Heather Clark, Flagging & Communications
  • Tracy Roper, Grid & Pits
  • Elizabeth Thiel, Race Administration
  • Terry Roberts, Registration
  • Bernie Novak, Scrutineering
  • Larry Kurkowski, Starter
  • Steve Pence, Steward
  • Jeff Hutzelman, Timing & Scoring

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