Wallace shows displeasure with Bowman in post-race incident

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Wallace shows displeasure with Bowman in post-race incident


Wallace shows displeasure with Bowman in post-race incident


Alex Bowman was doused with liquid from Darrell Wallace Jr. and then additional fluids from the medical staff at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Wallace threw a liquid substance at Bowman as he sat beside his car on pit road after the race. The two had tangled early in the day when Bowman spun Wallace after saying he had been flipped the bird repeatedly by the Richard Petty Motorsports driver.

“I don’t know if he was mad about the first lap or what, but obviously that was just a mistake, and then I got flipped off for every single straightaway on the entire racetrack for three laps,” Bowman said after receiving attention at the Infield Care Center. “I got flipped off by him for like three or four laps in a row at Richmond, so just over it.

“I got to stand up for myself at some point, right? Probably wouldn’t have got wrecked if he had his finger back in the car.”

Wallace told NASCAR.com, the only media outlet able to get a response from the driver, that Bowman runs over everyone.

“He gets to Lap 1, and he runs over me and the 3 (Austin Dillon) into the back chicane,” Wallace said. “We’re back there in the trunk, man. Just take it easy for a lap. He had a fast car, and he just run over us. Shoot us through the chicane, and then we get a penalty for it. Every time he gets to me, he just runs over me.

“Smooth move of playing the sick card so I couldn’t bust him in his mouth.”

Bowman said he hasn’t been feeling well since last Wednesday. He started in the rear because he crashed in final practice and had to go to a backup car, whereas Wallace lined up 25th. The words Wallace told to Bowman after the race “were nothing classy” and not what Bowman was comfortable repeating.

Charlotte made it back-to-back weeks that Bowman had a run-in with another driver. Last weekend in Richmond he collided with Austin Dillon, which led to Dillon eventually returning the favor. Having advanced in the playoffs, Bowman isn’t worried about any additional issues with either driver.

However, Bowman doesn’t know how things will move forward with Wallace in terms of whether they will talk or if NASCAR will sit the two of them down.

“I’ve never been in that situation before, so I don’t know how to answer that,” Bowman said. “We raced side-by-side later in the race and didn’t run into each other, so it is what it is in my book.

“Just don’t flip me off. If you do it once, I get it [because] I ran into you on the first lap of the race. That’s on me, I messed up. Don’t do it for three laps in a row every single straightaway.”