Vettel should have backed off in fight - Verstappen

Image by Glenn Dunbar/LAT

Vettel should have backed off in fight - Verstappen

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Vettel should have backed off in fight - Verstappen


Max Verstappen says Sebastian Vettel should have backed off in their battle in the British Grand Prix, after the pair collided and missed out on the podium.

Vettel was trying to fight back after Verstappen had passed him around the outside of Stowe, but ran into the back of the Red Bull under braking for the next corner and put both cars in the gravel. Vettel admitted fault and apologized to Verstappen after receiving a 10-second time penalty, with Verstappen saying the German should have realized there was going to be no space to overtake.

Vettel and Verstappen collide. Image by Hasan Bratic/LAT

“It was all looking very good, we had good pace catching Sebastian, still managing the tires a little bit then I went for it,” Verstappen said. “Caught him on the outside, then defending into T17 but got rear ended so…

“He could see I was going to close the door on the inside. He should’ve backed off … Here I think he could expect me to close the door and not go ahead. He outbraked himself and locked up and hit my car. But we already spoke to each other, he apologized so, again, what can you do?”

Verstappen eventually crossed the line fifth and said he is just relieved he was able to see the finish due to the damage his car had.

“I honestly don’t know how I brought that car to the finish! I think my power steering failed, my seat was out, so all the time on the braking I was going forward, and in the high-speed corners I was moving left and right. Yeah, the car was really, really neutral. When I jumped out of the car the whole floor and the rear were destroyed, so I’m so happy to finish fifth.”

The earlier part of the race saw Verstappen engage in some aggressive racing with Charles Leclerc, and he says it was a hard fight that he enjoyed.

“They were very hard and aggressive. It was good. I didn’t want to risk too much, especially as the race was still very long and we were clearly faster. But yeah it was good to see, good to beat him (at the time).”