SRO contributes €50,000 towards Notre-Dame restoration

SRO contributes €50,000 towards Notre-Dame restoration


SRO contributes €50,000 towards Notre-Dame restoration


Like countless others around the world, Stephane Ratel and the whole SRO Motorsports Group team were left shocked and distraught by the fire that swept through the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral yesterday.

SRO is immensely proud of its French roots and of the close connection it enjoys with the capital city. Ratel spent most of his youth in Paris, while the SRO Paris office remains vital to the company’s domestic and global efforts.

What’s more, Stephane Ratel and his team appreciate the enduring importance of the country’s cultural heritage and history. It is in this spirit that SRO Paris will offer a contribution of €50,000 towards the landmark cathedral’s reconstruction, joining the many donors who have already pledged their support for the rebuilding effort.

“Like so many others at SRO across the various continents where we operate, I was deeply affected by the fire at Notre-Dame de Paris,” said Stephane Ratel, SRO Motorsports Group Founder & CEO. “In agreement with everyone in the company, I wanted to do something to be a part of the reconstruction, which is why we have decided to make a donation through SRO Paris.

“While SRO is a global company with its main office in London, France will always be our second home. Notre-Dame is a building of tremendous significance to Paris and indeed to the entire world. I hope that, through our contribution, we can be a part of a positive restoration.”

Added Laurent Gaudin, Championnat de France FFSA GT/GT4 France General Manager: “The whole SRO Paris team is very closely attached to France and its historical base in the city. The images of Notre-Dame have therefore upset us all. It is our history, our heritage, our values — a real part of ourselves that has been lost. We were all moved by this and wanted to participate in the incredible reconstruction efforts. Stephane Ratel was able to translate our emotion perfectly, and everyone fully supports his decision.

“This weekend we launch the new Championnat de France FFSA GT/GT4 France season at Nogaro with the Coupes de Pâques, an event that is staged in the spirit of Easter. I hope that this same spirit can be symbolic of new life for Notre-Dame de Paris.”