Aurora's latest catalog is a page-turner

Aurora's latest catalog is a page-turner

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Aurora's latest catalog is a page-turner


Should we be ashamed to admit to a certain thrill when catalogs like this land on our desks? The Illinois-based Aurora Bearing Company has a new product catalog (No. 319), and it is 128 pages of pure joy for those with an appreciation for quality hardware.

Inside are several pages showing Aurora’s latest offerings, as well as photos and detailed listings of the legacy components the company has become known for in its 48-year history.

No, a rod end is not just a rod end, and the graphic enhancements in this new catalog are a real resource that will, as an Aurora rep says, “assist engineers in designing with and specifying motion-transfer components from our complete line of rod ends and spherical bearings, including 12 series of SAE AS series Mil Spec bearings and six new SAE AS-approved series.”

There are listings for specialty racing items, as well as commercial/industrial (through SAE AS-approved) hardware.

We appreciate the fact that in this digital age, the new catalog is available as a hard copy — the latest addition to Aurora’s engineering library which also includes 2D and 3D part drawings.

For your own copy and/or for more information, log onto or call them at (630) 859-2030.