Brawn optimistic Ferrari will share revenues

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Brawn optimistic Ferrari will share revenues

Formula 1

Brawn optimistic Ferrari will share revenues


Formula 1 managing director of motorsports Ross Brawn is optimistic Ferrari’s new management will be more open to changes in the way the sport’s revenues are split between the teams in the future.

Liberty Media wants to create a more equal distribution among all 10 teams in order to create a more level playing field, as a number of teams currently are receiving significant bonuses as historic payments. New commercial agreements that will come into force in 2021 would provide such an opportunity, but so far Ferrari — as the highest earner — has been reluctant to accept such changes, while Mercedes, Red Bull, McLaren and Williams also receive such a bonus.

“I’m optimistic, particularly with the management there at Ferrari now,” former Ferrari technical director Brawn — who worked with new team principal Mattia Binotto — is quoted as saying by Reuters. “They recognize the need for Formula 1 to be more equitable.

“We have to recognize the importance of Ferrari, the history of Ferrari and the unique place it has in the sport. But also, we need to find a balance between that recognition of Ferrari as a very important team and having an equitable position for the rest.

“The ones that have got it all, want to keep it. The ones that haven’t got it want more. And it’s finding the fair balance in how we distribute the revenue, because we know if we have a more equitable distribution of revenue then we will have a better Formula 1. That’s a fact.”

Ferrari’s chief executive is now Louis C. Camilleri, who took over the role following the sudden death of predecessor Sergio Marchionne last year. Marchionne had warned that Ferrari could quit F1 it was unhappy with the sport’s future direction, with further regulation changes including a cost cap being discussed.

Brawn (pictured at left, above, with F1 Chairman Chase Carey) insists good progress is being made regarding the 2021 regulations, despite a lack of information being allowed to become public.

“Some of you have commented there doesn’t look to be much progress, but I promise you there’s an enormous amount of progress … We look at the cost cap and people say nothing’s happened — it’s not true.”

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