Trans Am Series extends partnership with AEM Performance Electronics

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Trans Am Series extends partnership with AEM Performance Electronics

Trans Am

Trans Am Series extends partnership with AEM Performance Electronics


Building on a highly successful program that has delivered growth, performance and cost savings, the Trans Am Race Company is pleased to announce the extension of its partnership with AEM Performance Electronics, which will continue as the exclusive supplier of ECUs to all competitors in TA2 and remain presenting sponsor of the class.

Trans Am turned to AEM Performance Electronics to become the exclusive provider of ECUs (engine control units) for the Trans Am Series’ TA2 class in 2016 to provide outstanding technology and control costs for the competitors.

With robust fields of talented racers doing battle in Chevrolet Camaros, Ford Mustangs, and Dodge Challengers, TA2 powered by AEM features manufacturer-relevant bodies and engines — a formula that has resonated with both competitors and the racing community as it now boasts strong car counts and close competition.

There are multiple engines featured in TA2, and AEM’s Infinity Series 5 ECU is instrumental in ensuring that these different engine types deliver consistent performance across the range of brands. Each ECU controls ignition timing and fuel injection via locked calibrations that maintain horsepower parity, prohibit traction control, and provide data logging for the teams so that they have the ability to analyze engine/vehicle performance and driver inputs.

With no driver aids and a well-defined set of performance characteristics across the brands, the TA2 Powered by AEM Performance Electronics class puts racing in the drivers’ hands.

“From the very start of TA2, our goal has been to keep the platform affordable and the racing competitive,” said John Clagett, President of The Trans Am Race Company. “Our competitors have gone from being apprehensive of this program to believers. The on-track product validates the vision we had for the class, and what AEM has been able to do is just incredible. AEM has been a true partner.”

The initial 2016 agreement saw AEM arrive at the Trans Am paddock with a large to-do list, one that the California-based company was well-equipped to manage.

“Our technology helped to make the conversion to advanced EFI (electronic fuel injection) affordable for the racers, but there was, naturally, apprehension from the engine builders about making this switch,” said AEM’s VP of Sales & Marketing, Kirk Miller. “We had to prove ourselves to the competitors with the performance that we delivered on track, and I’m happy to say that we’ve not only helped to level the playing field but have also developed great relationships in this paddock. We feel like we have delivered on our promises, and that’s evident on the track. It is the driving that comes through, rather than just who can spend the most on their engines and suspension systems.

“Being a part of Trans Am has been a great experience for our company and we have also learned a lot,” Miller continued. “Our company has a long history of success in forms of motorsport that use smaller, forced-induction engines, so the chance to control Big 3 American muscle has been awesome.

“We have more in store for this year’s series, and we are looking forward to another great season, starting at Sebring later this week.”

AEM Performance Electronics is the presenting sponsor for the TA2 class, which is expected to have close to 30 entries in the season-opening event at Sebring International Raceway on March 1-3.