Video: Inside SCCA RallyCross

Video: Inside SCCA RallyCross

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Video: Inside SCCA RallyCross


SCCA is largely known for its autocross and road racing programs, but did you know SCCA also has a RallyCross program? Taking place on the dirt, the closest comparison for SCCA RallyCross is that it’s autocross on the dirt. However, it’s very, very different from that.

During an average SCCA autocross competition, drivers will turn three laps around a parking lot-based circuit that takes between 30 and 60 seconds to traverse, with the best of those laps counting as their scored time of the day. An SCCA RallyCross, meanwhile, usually offers at least three runs per driver, and every single run counts. Hit a cone? That’s a two-second penalty you can’t shrug off. Miss a cone-constructed gate in its entirety? There’s 10 seconds you’re now behind. And doing either of these early in the course still requires you to run flat-out since no run is a throwaway.

Since every run counts, SCCA RallyCross is a sport that demands absolute concentration from beginning to end, and in many ways this makes RallyCross one of SCCA’s most challenging disciplines.

Want to learn more about RallyCross? There’s, or check out this nifty video we found online, created by SCCA RallyCross stalwart and Pikes Peak competitor Tim Hardy


What is RallyCross? by Tim Hardy from Colorado RallyCross on Vimeo.

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