Toyota Gazoo agrees to performance changes for Fuji

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Toyota Gazoo agrees to performance changes for Fuji

Le Mans/WEC

Toyota Gazoo agrees to performance changes for Fuji


Toyota Gazoo Racing’s pair of TS050 HYBRIDs are set to be slowed for the FIA WEC 6 Hours of Fuji next weekend, following an Equivalence of Technology change released by the FIA.

The change sees the two TS050 HYBRIDs run with 26kg (57 pounds) extra weight, meaning the cars’ weight will be 904kg (1,993 pounds), as opposed to their non-hybrid opposition in the WEC’s LMP1 class, which have a minimum weight of 818kg (1,800 pounds) for normally aspirated cars, and 833kg (1,836 pounds) for turbocharged cars.

The artificial stint length (or lap cap) for the LMP1 non-hybrid cars, which forced them to pit two laps earlier than the hybrid Toyotas, has also been officially eliminated, though that was quietly dropped at Silverstone, RACER understands.

The FIA bulletin outlines the changes made to fuel allocations for the non-hybrid cars to allow for the longer stint lengths, and it seems the fuel fill restrictors have also been adjusted to equalize time stationary in the pit stop — another area where the hybrids held an advantage by needing much less fuel than the privateer LMP1s in each stop.

According to the FIA Endurance Committee, these EoT changes “were only possible thanks to the agreement of the LMP1H competitor.” It follows three consecutive dominant displays from Toyota which saw it win at Spa and Le Mans by multiple laps over the privateer cars; it only has two wins out of three races though, after its cars were disqualified after Silverstone).

Meanwhile, in GTE, the FIA has issued a Balance of Performance change for both classes ahead of the round in Japan.

In GTE Pro, BMW’s M8 GTEs will benefit the most, with a 20kg (44 pound) weight reduction, a turbo boost pressure increase, and a two-liter increase in fuel capacity.

Additionally, the Ganassi Ford GTs will run with 18kg (40 pounds) more weight and a boost reduction, and the Porsche 911 RSRs have been handed a minimal 2kg weight (4 pound) increase and a 0.3 mm smaller air restrictor. The cars will have also have one liter less fuel.

GTE Am’s changes see weight changes to the Porsches and Aston Martin Vantage GTEs, with the two cars now due to race with an extra 10 (22) and 5kg (11 pounds), respectively.