LM24: Bourdais lashes out after clash with Makowiecki

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LM24: Bourdais lashes out after clash with Makowiecki

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LM24: Bourdais lashes out after clash with Makowiecki


Ford Chip Ganassi Racing’s Sebastien Bourdais was adamant that Porsche’s Fred Makowiecki had gone beyond the limit of defensive driving during their hard battle in the closing hours of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Bourdais and Makowiecki were dueling for second in GTE Pro during the 20th hour of the race, when Makowiecki’s defensive weaving blocked the Ford from attempting a pass down the Muulsanne Straight. Bourdais finally got past at Indianapolis corner, but Makowiecki repassed him into the Porsche Curves, edging the Frenchman onto the grass.

Although the exchange led to an official investigation into Makowiecki’s driving, no action was taken — something Bourdais told Velocity/Eurosport TV was “unacceptable.”

“If that’s fair, then there aren’t going to be very many race cars that are going to finish this race. So no, for me, it’s completely unacceptable,” he said.

Porsche’s head of motorsport Frank-Steffen Walliser countered that it had just been hard racing.

“If it’s appropriate or not, that’s finally a decision of the race director,” he told Velocity/Eurosport. “The race director made a decision and said no further action, so we have to accept it.

“At the end of the day nobody had an advantage or disadvantage; the cars did not really touch. We have two very professional drivers who did something great for the spectators, and that’s why we are here and racing.”

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