F1 Commission set to vote on 2019 aero changes

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F1 Commission set to vote on 2019 aero changes

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F1 Commission set to vote on 2019 aero changes


The Formula 1 Commission is set to vote on a proposal to simplify front wings in order to allow cars to follow each other more closely.

An e-vote will be held on Monday that will see teams, the FIA and the Formula One Group decide whether to approve a proposal to change the 2019 aerodynamic regulations in an attempt to create conditions for closer racing.

The proposal would address a number of areas of the front wing, including the endplates in attempts to simplify some of the ornate designs. The front wing has a major impact on the whole aerodynamic philosophy of the car, and so a change to the regulations would mark a relatively significant undertaking for the teams.

The FIA and F1 are in favor of the tweaks, but called on the teams to carry out their own research into the proposals in order to present further findings ahead of the vote.

“I don’t know where the teams are going to go with it really,” Force India deputy team principal Bob Fernley told RACER. “Different people have different views on it. I think its very marginal from a team point of view. Personally I favor the positive marginal because it doesn’t do any harm to experiment a little bit, especially down the road of simplification which is what we’re going to be doing in 2021.

“The argument against is if we get it wrong then we don’t look very good, but if we don’t try then we don’t get anywhere anyway.”

With the team’s research understood to back up the expected outcomes presented by the initial proposal from F1 and the FIA, Fernley added: “You’ve got to be careful of teams – including us – protecting interests, and there could be an element of that.”

While unanimity is not required at this stage, a clear majority will be needed with 18 of the combined 24 votes in the F1 Commission – which also features Pirelli and some race promoters – voting in favor in order to approve the change.