Devin Wojcik: Clean Sweep at Roebling Road Raceway

Devin Wojcik: Clean Sweep at Roebling Road Raceway

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Devin Wojcik: Clean Sweep at Roebling Road Raceway


This past weekend I traveled to Roebling Road Raceway in Georgia for rounds 9 & 10 of the Skip Barber Championship Series. Roebling Road is the track where I had my first expeiriance in a Skip Barber car during a three-day school about 18 months ago. I also raced there for the last event of the SBRS Winter Series this past April. I was fairly confident going into this weekend considering my previous experience on the track.

I went through the first two days of practice with very fast lap times and things were looking promising. Saturday was qualfing and Race 1. After drawing a car I was not familiar with, I went out and set the fastest lap time placing myself on the pole for the first race. When the green flag dropped, I had a good start but was up against some tough competition and it quickly became clear that it would be a four car race to the finish. I tried to be smart and use my experience from previous races at Roebling Road. I also tried to preserve the car, in order to put myself in a good position at the end of the race. I took the lead on the last lap and held it until the the checkard flag, winning the race! One down, one to go.

Sunday brought Race 2. After qualifying on pole and the race win the previous day, I knew things were looking good for me to finish well in this race too. This time I started from fourth place. The grid order was based on fastest lap times from Race 1. Again, from the start, it became a four car race. This time I went into the final lap in third place instead of first. As the lead group came around the last corner entering the final straight and the race for the checkered flag, I made my move to the outside and was able to take the win by a nose at the line.

This “clean sweep” at Roebling Road was a real boost for me, both in confidence and in the season points standings. I now sit tied for fifth place in the points against some extremely competetive and experienced drivers. It was nice to be rewarded with success. I have worked extremely hard improving my race craft and this weekend it paid off.

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