F1: Ferrari "won't give up" on engine freeze talks

F1: Ferrari "won't give up" on engine freeze talks

Formula 1

F1: Ferrari "won't give up" on engine freeze talks


Ferrari team boss Marco Mattiacci (pictured) says Ferrari will not give up on attempts to relax Formula 1’s engine freeze regulations.

Discussions among F1’s engine manufacturers to allow in-season development in 2015 broke down during last weekend’s Brazilian Grand Prix, as Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault failed to agree on the extent to which a one-off mid-season development should be permitted.

Red Bull boss Christian Horner has warned that failure to agree on a relaxation of the rules for 2015 could create a spending war among manufacturers, because teams adversely affected by the freeze could push to open up the rules completely for 2016, without needing unanimous agreement.

Ferrari team principal Marco Mattiacci said he remained hopeful a compromise can be reached.

“We keep discussing. There are some other players who keep changing their ideas, but we keep working,” Mattiacci said. “We won’t give up on a very fundamental principle of Formula 1: that is innovating, that is competing.

“Probably there is someone who does not share this value with Formula 1. But I have to say at the same time that we must appreciate the fact that everyone is trying to reach a middle ground. It’s clear that it has to be fair enough for everybody to really change what is happening today.”

Mattiacci said Ferrari was pushing to revive the talks, but that no agenda had yet been agreed.

“We are asking [for] this,” he added. “It’s me, it’s Honda, it’s Renault; it’s not just the teams that are at the table – Bernie [Ecclestone] wants to discuss. We want to make progress.

“I think we should have a common agenda to really improve the sport, the revenues, the entertainment. I think everybody wants a better situation, but we need to find a way to work.

“As Ferrari, we do the utmost to be sure that Formula 1 will keep being successful.”




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